It may be claimed that of all the ways technology has improved people’s lives around the world, none is more essential than medical advances. Technology has improved our health and lengthened our lives, from the introduction of X-ray equipment to surgical advancements.

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On that note, we are going to share with you some of the best ways tech is enhancing our health so that you know the trends.

Electronic Health Records

As any student of health informatics knows, the shift to electronic health records is a tremendous step forward in medicine, one that can pave the way for a slew of new medical diagnostic and treatment options. Hospitals used to have diverse information systems that made sharing and transferring patient records difficult.

Telemedicine / Telehealth

Telemedicine refers to the use of telecommunications technology to advance healthcare. Telehealth is growing more popular and successful for a variety of reasons. Patients can use their computer to virtually meet with a doctor in remote locations where hospitals and other health-related facilities are scarce. Second, the financial advantages of telehealth are substantial.

 Remote Monitoring Tools

When patients are monitoring their health at home, they have the big chance of saving money at the same time reducing too many doctor’s visits. Over 3 million patients worldwide are now making use of the health monitoring system.

Genome Sequencing

Personal genomics has been dubbed the “future of healthcare”. Personal genomics is the sequencing and study of a person’s genome followed by the distribution of that person’s genomic information.

One of the most significant advances in medical technology in the last 40 years has been the sequencing of the human genome. In Modern Medicine, Dr. Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health, says, Modern Healthcare, “For all of human history, we have laboured without understanding our instruction book, and the human genome provided that. It’s like crossing a bridge”

Many life-saving procedures have become widespread because to technology advancements in the medical industry. Only a few decades ago, the idea of digitally visiting a doctor from hundreds or thousands of kilometres away would have been unthinkable. Technologies is rapidly enhancing health, from remote monitoring tools and wearable medical technology to genome sequencing. 

Wearable Technology

The market for wearable medical devices is rapidly expanding. These gadgets capture data that can be used by doctors and patients to monitor and assess the wearer’s health.

There are popular wearables like wristbands and watches that allow people to take an active role in their health, in addition to gadgets that inform authorities about major medical conditions.